CharlottesvilleFamily’s Home Magazine

Town & Country Living at Its Best! CharlottesvilleFamily’s Bloom magazine introduces its quarterly partner—CharlottesvilleFamily’s Home magazine—which encompasses all things home. On a quarterly basis in the January, April, July and October issues, CharlottesvilleFamily’s Home will merge with CharlottesvilleFamily’s Bloom magazine as a flip book.

CharlottesvilleFamily’s Home is an award-winning quarterly flipped edition with CharlottesvilleFamily’s Bloom magazine, dedicated to serving families in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area with engaging feature stories on parenting, home resources, education, health and recreation as well as useful resources designed to help “Make Parenting Easier & Growing Up Fun.”

CharlottesvilleFamily is published by professional local mothers who have cared about family life in our community for over 20 years. We are committed to value for our clients and to our relationship with our readers as a trusted, quality resource to parents like ourselves. We reach 32,000 readers in print each month, distribute at 300+ locations, direct mail several hundred copies and direct email more than 6,000 digital editions. Copies can be picked up at the libraries, grocery stories, boutiques and family fun spots.

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Our CharlottesvilleFamily readers are successful women who manage entire households, have huge purchasing power and…boy, do they spend a lot on their homes, family and themselves! Our award-winning monthly magazine closes the 15th of the month and your print campaign can include an online advertising package as well as discounted rates.

• 9,000 copies delivered to over 300+ popular locations
• PLUS! 1,000 copies direct mailed to our area’s most affluent families
• PLUS! 7,000+ digital copies directly emailed to our opt-in subscribers

Advertising Deadlines

January due December 1 Winter Home Flip Book • Camps • “New You”
February due January 1 Residential Camps • Private Schools
March due February 1 Summer Camp • Pets
April due March 1 Party Planner • Camps • Spring Home Flip Book
May due April 1 Mother’s Day Section • Day Camps • Berry Picking • Pregnancy/Women’s Health
June due May 1 Swim & Summer Fun • Dental Health • Camps
July due June 1 Daytrips • Summer Home Flip Book • Everything Baby
August due July 1 Back-to-School • After-School Activities
September due August 1 Back-to-School • Education • Family Health • Apple Picking
October due September 1 Private School • Fall Home Flip Book • Halloween & Pumpkin Guide
November due October 1 Holiday Shopping • Preschool • Special Needs •
Christmas Tree Farms
December due November 1 Buy Local Shopping • Family Favorite Awards